Who Created the SHOT PAD?

We all did! Through years of practicing, learning, reading, talking with professionals and amateurs, the Shot Pad was build by everyone who told us what they needed in a pool notepad. This is for you, our fellow pool players.

The concept was founded by Robert Plaut, an active pool enthusiast and player for over a decade. He enjoys competing in tournaments and amateur leagues. Robert practices over 10 hours every week, and recognized an opportunity to improve his game.

"For a long time my game had become stagnant. I was stuck at the C level, which meant I was pretty good, but not great. I couldn't understand why... The SHOT PAD helped me be more productive during my practice time. It allowed me to remember more from my $60/hour lessons. It helped me visualize shots when I wasn't near a pool table."

Robert pulled together resources to create this great practice tool to help everyone take their game to the next level. We receive tons of feedback from the SHOT PAD every week and appreciate all of it. This product was created for any pool player at any skill level trying to improve.